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Health care reform is obviously a dynamic and important topic.  It can mean many things to many people --  trillions of dollars of new spending, rearrangement of the private health insurance markets, incentives for millions to change coverage, changes to Medicare, quality initiatives, comparative effectiveness, new agencies, new penalties, and more.  Health care is a sixth of the economy.  When there are these kinds of changes it's good to pay attention.  Leading Edge is paying close attention to the bills, the Congressional Budget Office scoring, the Congressional staff, the policy, and the process.  Clients include the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as they review the impact of the legislation on employer-sponsored health care and insurance groups.  Two of the diagram/charts of the House and Baucus health care reform bilsl on this website were produced on behalf of the Chamber and presented to members of the committees of jurisdiction in the House and Senate.  The U.S. Chamber also commissioned Leading Edge to prepare a primer on the House health care reform bills as introduced.  The Alliance of Specialty Medicine commissioned Leading Edge to prepare a diagram/chart of the impacts of the House bill on providers.  Other clients have asked for analyses and review of specific areas and suggestions for improving the legislation.  Some of these materials can be downloaded if you click on the page link below.

Health Care Reform Charts and Materials

Primer on CBO Scoring

With 17 years on the Hill and extensive experience on drafting, negotiating, analyzing, working with stakeholders and the legislative process, the principle at Leading Edge can be helpful to you as you monitor, assess, or try to impact the health care reform legislation.

For further information, opinion and discussion on thesubstance and process related to the Obama Administration health care reform legislative initiative, please visit the obama healthcare 2009 blog, authored by Leading Edge Policy and Strategy principle Nandan Kenkeremath.  Click the link above for more.

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